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Lankford analyzed mass-shooting events in which four or more people were killed in 171 countries, between 19.

He found that the rate of mass shootings did not correlate with the overall homicide rate.

Countries with higher firearm ownership rates had more public mass shootings.

[Private Gun Ownership in the US (Infographic)] "That wasn't a shocking finding, but I guess what surprised me was it showed up no matter how many or what type of statistical tests I ran," Lankford said.

"Being a dangerous country or a so-called peaceful country was not a predictor" of mass shootings, Lankford told Live Science.

Meanwhile, a just-released study finds that although the United States has just about 5 percent of the world's population, the country has 31 percent of the world's mass shooters."It was kind of unshakable." The link between firearm ownership and mass shootings remained even when the United States was removed from the analysis, Lankford said.For example, Switzerland and Finland, two relatively low-crime countries with high rates of personal gun ownership, had more mass shootings than would otherwise be expected.The fax also claimed that the shooting was in response to the mass killing at a Charleston church in June.

The paradox of mass shootings There are no official definitions of a mass shooting, and varying ways of tracking the data — by fatalities, by total victims — can make finding trends in this type of violence difficult.In the final seven years, the annual average rose to 16.4.

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