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She straddled my thighs as she worked her hands up and down my spine, making me melt into blissful relaxation.

“Wow, it’s getting hot in here,” Nichole said, and I saw her sweater tossed onto the bed beside me.

It felt so good as she trailed her fingers over my tingling skin, brushing my nipples.

She was working hard at it, rocking and grinding on my boner without inhibition.

She moaned wordlessly as I held her tight against me while she shivered. ” She climbed off me and assumed the position, wiggling her rear as I pushed into her quivering asshole. Mmmmmnn, so good…” I felt every inch of my veiny hard cock thrust into her tight butthole.

“Greg,” she breathed against my chest, “I want to feel you cum inside me… Her breath caught and sweat moistened her smooth skin. Nichole was flattened on the bed now, fingers clutching the covers, with her legs spread wide and my shaft balls deep between her cheeks. ” This position was great, and I must have been tapping her sweet spot pretty well because Nichole came early and often. ” I came like a hot flare bursting into flame, thrusting deep and setting her off again.

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She was almost glowing with energy as she bucked on me, gasping.We woke up famished and drifted down to the crowded kitchen, Nichole holding my hand and hiding behind me while I snuck us into a couple of corner seats.Might have been a bad idea to let Nichole wear a set of my pajamas.I was acutely aware of the growing bulge in my shorts as she leaned over me, her lace bra barely containing her beautiful breasts. Her tits swung sexily as she worked on me, round and firm with pointed nipples standing forth from big, satiny areolae, pinkish brown against her pale skin, glowing with a thin sheen of perspiration.

The sexual tension grew as she worked her way lower and shuffled back, landing right on my growing erection.Erotic fiction inspired by Henessy A and Ryan Ryder in “Let Me Watch You” Last year I stayed at my brother's place for the holidays.

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