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03-Jul-2019 16:01

Many of them are not sophisticated advertisers — they are simply plugging a credit card number into the system and hoping for the best.

This is what can happen if you don't pay careful attention to contract language, or the live, real-time results your campaigns on Facebook are having.

They set up the campaign, and ran a small "beta" test.

Then, in late October Brar pulled the trigger on a massive push through Facebook's Ads Manager.

Clearly, the vast majority of businesses that use Facebook for marketing are pleased with the experience.

Facebook's growing revenues, up 63% last quarter, indicate it is only getting more successful at selling advertising, not less.

He was arbitraging the traffic, essentially — which is a routine practice in online marketing.

Brar's tests had suggested that the return on his investment in ads might by two or three times their cost. This ran for four days, then we just stopped the campaign," Brar says. Even though Fetopolis wasn't advertising, the likes and new followers kept on piling up.

We have been in touch with Raaj and hope to continue working with him directly, and not through the media, to find a solution.

To be fair to Facebook, this is the advertising business — the company can guarantee exposure but not results.

Advertise the wrong thing in the wrong way, and you'll lose your money.

He used Bitly and Google Analytics to measure the number of clicks his campaign was generating. Facebook's analytics said the campaign sent him five times the number of clicks he was seeing arrive on his sites, which Brar was monitoring with Bitly, Google Analytics, and his own web site's Wordpress dashboard.

There was a reasonable discrepancy between the Bitly and Google numbers, Brar says, but not the five-fold margin between Google's and Facebook's click counts.

Obviously, both sides dispute what the other is saying.