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12-Apr-2019 06:42

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Everything is scaled back — there’s no house filled with inebriated singletons fighting like caged zoo animals going after the same piece of meat.

Instead, “3” enlists a trio of stunning women who are tired of the dating scene, moves them into a luxurious — but tastefully decorated — mansion in Chicago and helpfully sends in a steady stream of attractive men to woo them.

That’s the equation of “3,” CBS’ latest entry in the reality dating show genre, almost a decade after “Cupid.” Airing its first regular Sunday episode July 29, following a special Thursday debut, the Americanization of an Israeli series makes housemates of three females …

and offers them 100 males from which to choose those they deem best suited to each of them, aiming to find the one man with whom each can make a lasting connection.

The inaugural cast of “3,” 29-year-old entrepreneur April Francis, 34-year-old pharmaceutical sales rep Rachel Harley and 24-year-old model Libby Lopez stopped by KCAL9 and CBS2 to talk about their new show.

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Dan, a lawyer from Chicago, brightens when Rachel tells him she has two kids. But the stakes are low all around, which makes the proceedings less awkward when someone gets turned down.It’s as though a dating show had a wake-up call, or a stern talking-to from a friend: Bikini-clad games of Twister can be fun, but that’s not how you’re going to meet your soul mate.So, “3” officially becomes the polite, mature reality dating show with reasonable expectations.“3,” a new dating reality series on CBS, is a weirdly charming show with a terrible title.

Presumably, “3 Gorgeous Women Who Want to Find a Date, But Somehow Can’t, So They Go on a Reality Show” was too long, or already taken.STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Looking for love in all the wrong places?